5 Tips For Planning A Spring Garden Party

GardenParty_1A Guest EditorialWe may be in the midst of the winter cold for a while longer, but when the spring season arrives—and it will do so before we know it—there's always a natural desire to celebrate! It's not that there's anything wrong with winter, but once the holidays have passed one starts to long for warmer weather along with those longer, sunnier days.  And one of the best ways to ring in the spring season's arrival is to throw a little outdoor party in your yard or garden. People love taking the first excuse to spend time outdoors, so as soon as the weather allows, consider these five tips for a DIY garden party to usher in the season.1. Bring In Fresh FlowersAs you seek to decorate your garden or outdoor area for a spring party, nothing should take precedence over fresh flowers! Even if your garden is only beginning to show spring blossoms, bringing in fresh seasonal flowers is a flawless way to evoke feelings of the season and warmth. You can do this through bouquets on the table, adorning each seat, or even as petals sprinkled throughout the garden.2. Serve Seasonal Fruits & VegetablesAnother great way to usher in the season is to serve up some local, fresh ingredients with your food. There isn't much in the way of fresh fruit throughout the UK in early spring, though as Love British Food points out, rhubarb is one suitable option. The same article posts a long list of vegetables that should be fresh and in season for your party.3. Provide Seasonal BeveragesSpring is a wonderful time for a refreshing beverage and, truthfully, you have a huge array of appropriate options. Recipe inspiration site The Kitchn provides several delicious-sounding spring cocktail recipes (including a mouthwatering strawberry basil margarita. Or if you’d prefer taking the wine route, but aren’t quite sure which wines pair best with the spring atmosphere, the M&S wine section has an accompanying blog with some expert tips  that could be of service. Generally speaking, a citrus-y white like a sauvignon blanc is always a nice choice, though many are ready for any sort of white by spring time for their fruitier flavors and sometimes-crisp mouth feel.4. Consider Planning GamesThis is a fun idea from TLC  that could help to get your guests in the mood to take advantage of nice weather. From bocce ball or horseshoes, to croquet or bean bag tosses, having a few fun games set up is always fun. You don't have to take it too seriously and it can help to differentiate your party while giving it a fun, light atmosphere.5. Consider A Dress ThemeFinally, just to provide your party with a more distinct feel, it's always enjoyable to create a theme for attire. Some love the idea of going with all-white attire to welcome the spring season. For women, sundresses are a great choice to wear to a spring garden party. Or, if you want to be more specific, "Gatsby fashion" is still red-hot following last year's film release and makes for a great spring atmosphere. Again, there are plenty of options, so have fun with it!