Chocolate Pasta & Short Ribs Update

My first batch is not the prettiest but it got better.
The machine doing all of the hard work.

A quick note to follow up on the recipe I posted just before Valentine's Day.  The meal was made, albeit a little later than I had hoped (husband's work schedule is a nightmare).  I did buy the pasta maker attachment for my KitchenAid, found the short ribs, and eureka it all worked like magic.  I was a little afraid of the mechanised pasta machine, but it is heaven after cranking it out by hand like I have in the past.  The short rib ragu was similarly delicious and now leftovers of both components are in the freezer waiting for the next time.Side note, my husband admitted to me after he took the first bite, that he'd been very skeptical of this whole song and dance of a meal. Chocolate pasta? He was convinced it would be terrible and then he'd have to pretend to be nice after all the effort I'd put in.  Ha!  He gobbled it up, several portions of it, and says it's now the best dish of mine he's had.

Wire hangers make excellent drying racks.

So for all of you doubters out there.....please try it!!  It's delicious.