Cooking Class Party Prep

Today I'm starting preparations for a private cooking class party I'm the chef for on Saturday night. The birthday girl is quite the advanced cook herself (and has a Michelin starred chef cousin to boot!) so I've put together a somewhat experimental and technical menu for us to all cook together. As always for me, I like to try and break up the prep over a few days, so today I'm tackling some of the finishing elements of the dishes so we're not too bogged down while everyone's cooking. Pictured are little meringue kisses I've got drying in the oven right now which will serve as decoration on the lemon lime tart for dessert. The guest of honor doesn't enjoy chocolate desserts so we're doing something a little unconventional as far as birthdays go and I wanted a way to pimp up the tart. These with a few raspberries and maybe some gold leaf or edible flowers (if I can find them) will make it look really special.  More photos of our night to come, in the meantime, here's the menu:

Salmon Kubenaya with Preserved Lemon & Purple Potato ChipsSavory Ice Cream Salad with Pumpernickel CrumbSous Vide Duck Breast with Beets 2 Ways and ChocolateLemon Lime Tart