Gelatin Gummies

Over the past couple of years I've made a concerted effort to improve my overall health and well-being. Much of this effort has been focused on what I put into my body (and it's one of the reasons blogging has been difficult because who wants to read about another chicken breast with broccoli and sweet potatoes for dinner?). I've researched a great deal on the subject, trying to cleave fact from fad from myth from fiction.After all my research, the one thing I am convinced of is the importance of our gut health and how this impacts everything from our moods to absorption of important nutrients to our immune system. I try to do all I can to maintain this precarious balance of nerves and microorganisms, so I'm now adding gelatin to my health routine. According to some, if you add pasture-raised, organic beef gelatin to your diet you'll improve everything from your sleep to your joints to skin to moods. Mostly though, it will help improve your gut health. And for those of us ageing far too quickly, it's basically broken down collagen - that stuff that helps keeps the skin on your face nice and plump - and there's a theory that ingesting gelatin could help harness that youthful glow (and banish cellulite).Rather than just add a tablespoon to water, I've made Sarah Wilson's Mango Coconut Gummies (photo above) to pull out of the fridge and snack on. You can learn more about gelatin and its many health benefits on Sarah's excellent blog and check out the many recipes online.