Kadikoy Market, Istanbul

I will have so much to say about our week here in Istanbul when we arrive home this weekend, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of the amazing sights we stumbled across at the produce market over on the Asian side of Istanbul yesterday.  A quick and cheap ferry ride across the Bosphorus and you arrive with other commuters on the more residential, leafy streets of this next continent. On the narrow pedestrian streets surrounding the mosque right by the ferry building is an exquisite food market.  Sellers call out their specials of the day - and like all of Istanbul, it's vibrant beyond imagination.Today we hit the famous Grand Bazaar and tomorrow we're taking a culinary tour of the old bazaar. I've met local chefs, talked lots of politics, and drunk more thick Turkish coffee and raki (the lovely anise-flavored drink popular here)  than I care to admit. The people are, as I remember from living in Ankara over 30 years ago, the kindest and most generous I've come across.  I hope some of the energy of the city comes across in these photos....an adventure to remember, most certainly!