Lebanese Short Ribs

It's tricky finding certain cuts of meat here. One of those that I've been asking everyone about is the simple short rib, but alas, I've had no luck locating any (even at the imported meat haven, Meat The Fish). What I did finally find is a local butcher, Dany's, over in Verdun, who have their own cattle farm and abattoir, and are willing to butcher the meat to my specifications (I swear, they think I'm crazy when I pull up photos of the cuts and diagrams of cows). Tonight was my first test run with Lebanese raised beef short ribs and they were pretty tasty!The recipe I used was from Jessica Koslow's Everything I Want to Eat and I picked it specifically because it wasn't like every other short rib recipe I've ever made. Most are braised in heavy, delicious wine sauces and then served over a mash with lots of sauce (Daniel Boulud's recipe was one of the dishes I had to prepare in my culinary school final exam). There's nothing better, but I saw Koslow's take and was instantly intrigued. The meat was covered with a dry rub of chili and bay before cooking and was finished with a consomme - a clarified beef stock - using a technique I hadn't tried since culinary school some 12 years ago! That combined with some zucchini flowers the green grocer was tossing away (they're garbage here!), kohlrabi, boiled new potatoes, pickled carrots, purslane, and voila! A refreshing, healthy take on a traditional dish. I can't wait to cook more from this book.