New Approach for 2017!

Happy New Year dear readers! As 2017 lifts off, along with our resolutions for better living, better hopes, better habits, I've been struggling with how to tackle this blog going forward. While I don't want to scrap this project I've been working on for very nearly seven years, I need to change-up my approach for my own sanity. The long format, personal essay, recipe style posts have become somehow overwhelming to sit down and create - and there are so many out there who do it infinitely better than I do. What I instead came up with in my jet lagged inability to sleep over the past few nights, is a daily brief (maybe even two, depending on the day), sharing with you something food-related, some observation, some cooking adventure, some find. Meanwhile, my long format writing is becoming what I hope will be a book filled with recipes about my adventures as a chef. As always, I thank you for being devoted readers no matter what. I promise an occasional recipe...and undoubtedly personal stories will abound, but from what I'm seeing on other sites I like, shorter is the way forward, and this will be my way of staying in touch. I hope you'll do the same.